Catch the crew from Comic Book School on YouTube and Facebook. We host a weekly live show and post exciting videos for people interested in the craft and business of making comics.


Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM – “We Own Tuesdays!”

Channels: YouTube and Facebook.

Host: Buddy Scalera

Co-Host: Mike Fasolo

About: Comic Book School founder and comic book writer Buddy Scalera joins with three-time Emmy Award winning screenwriter Mike Fasolo to tackle the news that matters most to comic book creators. It is a freewheeling, funny, and honest look at the comic book industry from two longtime veterans of the business.

Includes professional guests, commentators, lessons, and news that will help creators break in and stay in comics. Previous guests have included: Jimmy Palmiotti, Sean Chen, Jamal Igle, Tom Peyer, Ben Dunn, Darren Sanchez, Stephanie Cooke, Mark Irwin, Brian Pulido, James Aquilone, Joseph P. Illidge, D.G. Chichester, Gamal Hennessey, Mike Dolce, and more. You never know who will pop in to talk about making comics!