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Read the interview on Morton Report – Comics: Dirty, Sexy Storytelling Secrets #2 – Every Picture Tells a Story

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Appearance on Mr. Media

Creating Comics book reviewed in Comic Related: Part 1

Buddy as featured on and in the Town News newspaper.

Buddy Scalera on live radio. Download the podcast from Where Monsters Dwell.

Deconstructing Comics reviews the book and interviews Buddy Scalera.

Check out my full interview on Jazma Online where I unveil the secrets of creating comics. Or something like that.

Falcata Times book review blog said the Creating Comics from Start to Finish is “a wonderful addition to any artist’s shelves, has great advice and even can help those with no artistic talent.”

Buddy writes a guest editorial for Broken Frontier in The Frontiersman #21 on Scribd, a downloadable digital magazine. Also available on Wowio.

Buddy and the Joker’s Child comic book store featured on

Buddy’s photo reference shot on a Nokia N8 camera phone featured on Nokia’s WOMWorld website.

Comics Buyers Guide — the longest running magazine about comics — gave Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women and Girls and Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Boys and Men a three (out of four) star review. The September, 2009 issue of CBG (#1657) features a review of the books by writer/artist Buddy Scalera. According to reviewer Shawn Williams, “I would recommend these books and photo reference to all prospective artists.”

Comics Bulletin said of Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Men & Boys: “If you are an artist, this is a must have book. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of money.”

Listen to Buddy on The Writing Show. He is funny and you will like him.

Comics Worth Reading says that Comic Artist’s Photo Reference is a lovely gift for the aspiring artist. We agree!


“I wish I had this disk when I was first starting out. This is perfect for aspiring artists and professionals working on a monthly book.”
Jimmy Palmiotti, artist, writer, editor

“Visual Reference for Comic Artists is the perfect tool for any artist– beginner, veteran, or otherwise. It turns countless hours of searching for the right reference into time well spent at the drawing board.”
Mike Marts, Batman Editor

“This is something I’d hoped would be produced for a long time! This disk is a spot-on tool for the modern illustrator.”
Darick Robertson, artist, Wolverine, The Boys

“The disk is great! Every artist should have a copy in their studio!”
Tom Raney, artist, Marvel Comics

“These disks are amazing, especially the New York shots. They’re an essential resource for comic artists.”
Paul Chadwick, artist, Concrete


More to come….!


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