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Mythical creatures from the center of the earth, triggering a worldwide apocalypse. Society collapses in a haze of confusion.

One year later, humans are fighting back against a horde of harpies and minotaurs.

Rat, a former parking valet has found purpose in this violent, post-apocalyptic wasteland. He leads a team on dangerous missions to transport medical supplies and communications equipment to survival outposts.

That is…until his little sister is mortally wounded in a harpy attack and needs immediate medical attention. Now he has to choose between the right care for his sister and the life that he believed was in his rearview mirror.



Meet Rat, an underachieving parking valet who has found that his street-racing abilities are useful in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Rat is one of the few people in the world who likes life better after the Monster Apocalypse.

A year ago, Rat worked for minimum wage and tips. Now he’s part of a survivalist uprising to restore civilization. With food sources running low, the harpies and minotaurs are becoming more aggressive. When Rat’s little sister is savagely attacked, she needs immediate medical attention.

His plan is to transport her to a medical facility, but to get there, he must face horde of harpies, minotaurs, and a large sea monster in the Hudson River.

He’ll lead a team of battle-crazed survivors — including his girlfriend and a tough cop to save just one life in this crazy world. Rat will team up with The Valkyries, a post-military team of harpy hunters who patrol the highways slaying monsters.

In the end, Rat will make some difficult choices, including bringing his dying sister to a distant hospital, even though another hospital is much closer. Rat isn’t just trying to outrun the monsters, he’s trying to outrace his physically abusive father, a respected physician…but another kind of monster.

In true apocalyptic fashion, Rat will discover that the most dangerous creatures on the road are not the monsters. It’s the other people.


Story by Buddy Scalera

Art by Nikolaus Harrison

Available as a B&W digital comic book on Comixology.


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