Creator Connections: Panel One Anthology

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The Creator Connections: Panel One anthology has won two industry awards. We are very excited and congratulate everyone for being part of this exciting achievement.

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Comic Book School Presents… Creator Connections: Panel One anthology. Click image to download free PDF.


Camriddeon and the Leighman Lurkers
A powerful mage with a dark secret comes to the small village of Leighman to rid it of a beast that plagued it for years as a nuisance, but has now grown deadly.

Mr. Stupendous
A superhero can’t be super all the time. Fitting in the details of daily life is not just a big task, it’s a job for Mr. Stupendous.

Ragnarok Come
Armies of monsters have overrun Midgard. A lone scout, sole survivor of a ravaged squad, must investigate the horrors visited upon a small village by the invading monsters.

A young boy named Eric follows Mikey, his reluctant teddy bear protector, into the Nightmare World. Mikey is on a quest to save Alexander his mentor, but first he must come to terms with own fear of failing Eric.

Anachronauts: Trapped in Time
Xandra and Mattias accidentally time travel to a medieval kingdom where they become ensnared in a plot to kill a prince.

Twilight of the Gods Prophecy
A truce in the war between Orcs, Goblins and Elves and Dwarfs is forced by a new common enemy: a supernatural beast that was described in a prophecy from 3000 years prior.

The Unfixed Man
One man tries to stand alone against a technologically advanced cabal that profits from the endless cycle of death and rebirth that dooms all living things to suffer.

The Creative Journey
An examination of the grit and tenacity it takes to continue on the creative journey no matter what life throws at you.

Bron the Lucky
Bron worships luck and chaos in a universe dominated by fate and prophecy. Join Bron in a noisy tavern as he recounts how he bravely foiled fate in order to free a world-Goddess from certain death.

Plagued by restless sleep, a sensitive artist connects with a woman through the language of symbols in his dreams.

Meatbucket MegaBabes
Pin-up babe super heroes enter the Virus Dimension to save the Multiverse from a pandemic of epic proportions.

Battle of the Belly of the Beast
Stuck inside the belly of a giant space beast, Kip and Vanessa need to find a way to give the monster indigestion before intergalactic bounty hunters catch up to them.

Hibagon: A Mid-Life Crisis Story
Hibagon finds a friend in a young boy who shares his language of kindess and friendship.


Flash Fiction

The New World Order: The Rescue
Sailors on a haphazard pirate ship, sail out on an apparent salvage mission but wonder what truly awaits them.

The Black Knight
The origin of a man who was born to be a slave, but instead he’ll become a legendary knight.

The Duel
Two wizards meet at high noon to resolve their irreconcilable differences in the manner of ancient gentlemen.


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