Thank you for helping to make our very second official contest a success!

I posted this photo of Ridada Elias and asked you to make her a brand new character. One of the requirements was to use Ridada’s clothing designs from

Here’s the photo of Ridada.

Our all star panel of judges (see below for list) decided that this is the winner of our this contest. Congratulations to Aubrey Sizemore for an outstanding pinup of Ridada! Aubrey wins a free copy of any of my books or all three CD-ROMs!

First Prize Winner: Aubrey Sizemore

Aubrey Sizemore

Second place Rachel Hosick
Rachel Hosick

Third Place (TIE): Phillip Burnett
Phillip Burnette

Third Place (TIE): Patrick Cochenour
Patrick Cochenour

Thank you to everyone who submitted art for the contest. We love you too! Please continue to submit for future contests.

Jon Salamat (1 of 2)
Jon Salamat 2

Jon Salamat (2 of 2)
Jon Salamat1

Valentina Kaquatosh
Valentina Kaquatosh 2

Steven Richardson
Steven Richardson

Libby Lichauco
Libby Lichauco

James McGill
James McGill

Andrew D Forsythe
Andrew D forsythe

And a big THANK YOU to our Judges:

Ridada Elias – Featured in the book “Colossal Collection of Action Poses” – Creator of the Chiguna line of clothing.

Brian Pulido – Creator of Lady Death and film director of The Graves and There’s Something Out There.

Steve Blackwell – Co-Creator of Champion! magazine and former creative director of Wizard

Rus Wooton – Marvel Comics letterer & co-creator of the original Wizard School. Designer of the Comic Book School logo.

Mike Dolce – Artist and Creator of Sire and Descendant

Photo of Ridada Elias (c) 2011 Buddy Scalera. Featured in Colossal Collection of Action Poses
Chiguna (c) 2011 Ridada Elias
All art is (c) 2011 the respective owners.

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