Below is a list of creators who have been certified by Comic Book School as part of the NFT for Creators coursework. Each has successfully completed the requirements established by Comic Book School.

Mike PonceNFT101
Vince VaitiekunasNFT101
Jeana CowieNFT101
Love AblanNFT101
Michael DolceNFT101
Registry list of students who have completed the Comic Book School NFT Coursework

Course Information
Instructor: Buddy Scalera

Course Description
Certification course for the basic understanding of NFTs for comic book creators.


Course Requirements
Attendance at 5 of the 6 class meetings
Completion of all required reading and videos
Completion of all required quizzes
Completion of all required challenges and activities

Online Course Structure
The Comic Book School NFT Certification is a highly focused experiential-learning course that helps increase the understanding behind NFT technologies and what it means for comic book creators. Learners will be exposed to basic and intermediate concepts in NFTs and how they can be used by creators. This course should not be considered financial advice.

Student Learning Outcomes & Objectives
Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, students will understand:

The core technology that drives NFTs and why it is important right now
How to create a basic account on a free NFT platform
How to submit an NFT to a platform
How to keep up with the latest trends in NFT technologies

Course Objectives
The objects of this course are to:

Create a positive experience where learners can understand basic concepts around NFTs
Share hands-on exercises that increase awareness and comfort with the technology
Discuss the opportunities in NFTs for comic book creators