Comic Book School is greatly enhanced by the contributions The Council of the Willing, a group of passionate volunteers. The Council meets, shares ideas, and plans educational activities.


The Comic Book School Council of the Willing

The Comic Book School Council of the Willing volunteers includes:

  • A. A. Rubin
  • D. Alley
  • Arielle Lupkin
  • George Dawkins
  • Jarrod Elvin
  • Bolu Oriowo
  • Kevin Pei
  • Kyle Rose
  • James McGill
  • Rob Andersin
  • Mike Ponce
  • Matthew Timpanelli
  • KDS


Workstream Teams

The Council includes workstream leads, who are focused on specific challenges to benefit our community of learners.

2020 – A.A. Rubin & D. Alley
2021 – A.A. Rubin & D. Alley

2021 – Bolu Oriowo

Technology Team
2020 – Kevin Pei
2021 – Kevin Pei, Mike Ponce, James McGill

Design Team
2020: Grant Shorter, Matthew Timpanelli, D. Alley
2021: Jarrod Elvin, Kyle Rose, D. Alley

New Talent Team
Rob AnderSin

Publicity Team
2020 – A. A. Rubin
2021 – A. A. Rubin

Legal Team
2020 – KDS
2021 – KDS

We are growing and need help on our Publicity and Social Media teams!

Comic Book School was created by Buddy Scalera.