Council of the Willing

Comic Book School is greatly enhanced by the contributions The Council of the Willing, a group of passionate volunteers. The Council meets, shares ideas, and plans educational activities.


Comic Book School Council

The Comic Book School Council of the Willing volunteers includes:

  • Erin Donnelley
  • Arielle Lupkin
  • George Dawkins
  • Grant Shorter
  • Joel Barker
  • Kevin Pei
  • Kyle Rose
  • Maryams Mark
  • Cathy Kirch
  • Ari Rubin
  • Ashley Whitham
  • James McGill
  • Rob Andersin
  • Victor Dandridge


Workstream Leads

The Council includes workstream leads, who are focused on specific challenges to benefit our community of learners.

Technology Workstream Lead
2020 – Kevin Pei

Publicity Workstream Lead
2020 – Ari Rubin

Community Workstream Lead
2020 – Marams Mark

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