AI: What Comic Creators Need to Know Now – State of Artificial Intelligence in Comics & Storytelling

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Artificial Intelligence is all over the news, and for good reason. Recent developments in the technology have made it possible for average people just like you and me to use artificial intelligence. Experts are saying that AI like DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT will have a significant and lasting impact on all kinds of creative people.

As comic creators, we must keep up with these trends to understand what AI means for our profession as creators. This is the first in our ongoing series of discussions about AI and comic books. In these shows, we will explore the many and growing facets of artificial intelligence and generative art that impact us as creators. Even if you know nothing about AI, this is an opportunity to join the discussion about this emerging technology and the state of the business today.

DATE: 5/2/23
HOST: Buddy Scalera
CO-HOST: Mike Fasolo

Both Buddy and Mike are professional writers.





Robot art from Pixabay with creative commons permissions:


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