What Comic Creators Can Learn from The Breakfast Club (1885) – Story Analysis

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Comic Book School co-hosts Buddy Scalera and Mike Fasolo explore the storytelling from “The Breakfast Club” to understand what comic book creators can learn from the classic film.

A meta analysis of a classic movie and how it relates to the team dynamics of modern superhero comics and movies. For educational purposes.

HOST: Buddy Scalera

Co-HOST: Mike Fasolo

DATE: 8/9/2022



Written & Directed by John Hughes
Written by John Hughes

Emilio Estevez
Paul Gleason
Anthony Michael Hall
Judd Nelson
Molly Ringwald
Ally Sheedy

Production companies
A&M Films
Channel Productions

Distributed by Universal Pictures

All rights reserved. TM & (C) respective owners.

For educational purposes.

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