Comic Book School Creators Evan Scale and A. A. Rubin Take Independent Comix Creator Award for “Best Sequential Layout”

The Indie Comix Creator Awards honored Comic Book School community members Evan Scale and A. A. Rubin with the ICA for “Best Sequential Layout” for the Renaissance-era page in the short comic “Mr. Stupendous: In the Clutches of Doctor When.”

Sequential Image Ari Evan 2022
Independent Creator Comix Award for Evan Scale

The awards, given annually by Comics Advocates, were juried by a panel of independent comics professionals, and presented at an online ceremony on March 24.

Scale penciled, inked, and colored the page based on Rubin’s script for the story, a superhero spoof in which the hero, Mr. Stupendous, chases a villain across time. Each page was illustrated in the style of comics from the period in which the action is set by individual artists who specialize in each style.

The anthology can be downloaded for free on the Comic Book School website. Congratulate the winners on our message boards.

“When I saw the nominees, I knew this page was going to win,” Rob Andersin, the indie comics advocate, said. “The way the character in the final panel looks like he is just leaving the page. It’s kind of ridiculous.”

“I was glad to be part of such a fun story and amazing team,” Scale said. “Thank you to the ICA, A. A. Rubin, and the amazing Comic Book School community.”

“Evan’s work, as always, was stupendous,” Rubin added. “He deserves all of the accolades he receives across space and time.”

The anthology was the culmination of the “8-Page Challenge” from Comic Book School, in which creators were challenged to create 8-page comics stories from start-to-finish over the course of a year. They were mentored through the challenge by Buddy Scalera and industry pros from his network, as well as through a peer-review process on the Comic Book School Forums. The second annual anthology was edited by D. Alley, Rubin, and Kris Burgos.

The Independent Creator Awards are given annually by Comic Book Advocatesto honor the best creators and creations in the independent comics world in four broad categories: Art, Crowdfunding, Words, and Creation. This year two sets of awards were given in each category: one juried by a panel of independent comics professionals, and one “fandom bubble” voted on in the ICA’s Facebook group.   

Scale and Rubin won both the juried award and the “fandom bubble.”

“One of the things that is awesome about both these awards and Comic Book School is creators coming together,” said Andersin. “I want to take a moment and realize that everyone has the power to create.”

Comic Book School congratulates Rubin, Scale, and all of the winners.


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