The Art of Top Cow hardcover book
The Art of Top Cow hardcover book

Contest #3!

We’ve hit the big times, friends! Our next contest is sponsored by Top Cow!

The prize is “The Art of Top Cow” 320-page hardcover book!

This time, we’re going to ask you to draw any character from the Top Cow universe.

A list of those characters is on at:



As always, you must use photo reference from any of my books.

Samples are online here:

(Note: If you don’t see any usable photos here, you can also go buy a copy of my book. Not that I’m hinting or anything, but I am.)

Email all submissions to Buddy Scalera at

NOTE: You can share your art to the Comic Book School Facebook page or the Comic Book School page on Google+, but only art sent to this email address will be accepted as your official submission.


1. Name of Top Cow character and the line © & TM Top Cow. (This is to acknowledge that you know Top Cow owns these characters.)

2. One or two sentences indicating why you selected this Top Cow character.

3. Link to the photo reference photo you used. If you drew from an actual page in my book, please note the book and page number. (If you actually bought my book…thank you.)

1. No nudity or overly suggestive images. I reserve the right to remove anything I deem inappropriate. We run a classy joint here.

2. You must use a Top Cow character. No matter what, you do not own this character. The character is © & TM Top Cow.

3. Somebody has to win. Be a gracious winner & don’t be a sore loser. Be nice. Yes, this really is a rule. Nice matters.

4. Submit up to 3 entries. After that, you’re just showing off.

5. Entries must be emailed to by 4/14/12.

6. US Residents Only

That’s it. Go create some art.


  1. Would it be acceptable to use our own reference for the background? I’m having trouble finding something in your gallery that I’d like to use for the particular character that I chose.

  2. Dang it!
    I just got commissioned to do more work for a local poet…
    If I do get a chance….the pics on Top Cows site look pretty limited…every time I click on a character I get ” Page not available ” also,it looks like it’s mostly gals ( not that I don’t dig Gals lol ) is there more variety.

    • Good question. Any Top Cow character from any era is acceptable. So if you like one from the 90s, go for it.


  3. Is there a particular size/ratio/orientation (landscape or portrait) the piece should be in and are we allowed/supposed to letter the piece? I’m assuming anything goes as far as medium.

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