Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to all moms, but especially those who ignored the “experts” who said that we should be reading “real” books and not “junk” like comic books. Thank you for helping us discover a four-color world with superpowers, secret identities, and secret origins.

You taught us how to tie our shoes, eat with our mouths closed, and play nice with others, but you shared something far more important.

You gave us the gift of imagination. You showed us that there was a world beyond our bedroom walls that featured heroes who battled evil and fought for justice. Heroes willing to sacrifice everything for others. Truly super heroes.

We didn’t know it then, but looking back now, it’s easy to see now that you were our personal superheroes. You are the most powerful hero in our universe because you gave us life and taught us how to live it.
To the hero moms who are still our secret guardians and those who continue protecting us from an alternate universe, thank you. Sorry it took so long for us to notice the cape.

Thank you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

-Buddy Scalera – May 8, 2011



  1. Just LOVED this cute and careing letter!
    It’s an overwhelming joy for any mother!

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