Favorite Covers: Four-Star Battle Tales #1 by Russ Heath

Four Star Battle HeathFrom the Favorite Covers series: When we think of heroics, we usually think of costumed superheroes. But in this cover by Russ Heath, there is no doubt that heroes come in all kinds of costumes.

Four-Star Battle Tales #1 offers an exciting visual that tells a compelling story in one frame. Heath grabs you with the action and draws you in with the last heroic effort of a brave pilot. There’s danger, motion, and real visceral energy in this particular cover by a true master of the art form.

I’ve owned this comic for years and have never even read the story. Just loved the cover and wanted the comic. And isn’t that what a cover should do?

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DC.Wikia: Four-Star Battle Tales 1 

Comic Vine: Four Star Battle Tales 1

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