Milestone: 300 Followers on YouTube!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve hit 300 followers on our YouTube channel. Our channel at is hosted by Comic Book School founder Buddy Scalera and his pal Mike Fasolo, a three-time Emmy Award winning screenwriter.

Each Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST, Buddy & Mike talk to creators about the craft and business of making comics. Be sure to subscribe to CBS|Live and keep up with all the interviews and analysis you have come to expect from the Comic Book School team.

Special shout outs to some of our friends who have contributed their time and talents to give us a successful 2022:

Rob AnderSin

Dee Alley

A. A. Rubin

Maryam Muhammad

Vince Vaitiekunas


Ruth Morrison

Cathy Kirch

Jarrod Elvin

Mike Ponce

And where would we be without the guests who generously contributed their time. Big thank yous to all of the guests who have join us on screen this year.

S. Craig Zahler

Mike Catron

Darryl Banks & Michael S. Katz

James B. Emmet

Gamal Hennessy

Lauren Hitzhusen & Chas! Pangburn

Shelly Bond, Tom Peyer, & Alissa Kwitney

Jessi Sheron

Sam Sattin

Nic Osborn

Nate Cosby

Paul Castiglia

Mark Irwin

James Aquilone

Darren Sanchez

Neil Kleid, Rantz Hoseley & Brian Pulido

Sean Chen

Ben Dunn

Rob Williams

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

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