Movie Director S. Craig Zahler (Dragged Across Concrete) on his Dark Horse Graphic Novel

Zahler Headedr

Comic Book School founder Buddy Scalera and three-time Emmy-award winning screenwriter Mike Fasolo talk with movie direcor S. Craig Zahler about his new graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics.

Learn about how Zahler wrote and drew “Organisms from an Ancient Cosmos” a massive 192-page graphic novel. Zahler is best known as the director of the movies Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99, and Dragged Across Concrete. This time, he pointed his pencils to the comic book page to create the supernatural sci-fi thriller Organisms from an Ancient Cosmos.

DATE: 12/6/2022
HOST: Buddy Scalera
CO-HOST: Mike Fasolo
GUEST: S. Craig Zahler, movie director & comic creator



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