The marketplace for comic book related NFTs is rather disorganized and decentralized. To help make sense of the emerging landscape, we will maintain this list of links and references.

Created 12/25/2021. Last update: 4/17/2022

If you are an emerging or established comic book creator, be sure to check out our legendary list of Comic Book Publisher Submission Guidelines.

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Top Comic Creators

This section features established creators who are participating in NFT and cryto projects.

Frank Miller
Sin City 30th Anniversary NFTs on
Official Frank Miller NFT website

Todd McFarlane & Steve Aoke
OddKey Marketplace

Jose Delbo
Jose Delbo on

Rob Liefeld
The Defiants NFTs on MakersPlace

Mark McKenna
Combat Jacks on TerraVirtua
Mark McKenna’s Heroes and Villains
Alice in Cryptoland on OpenSea

Top Comic Publishers

This section features established mainstream and independent publishers. Many of these publishers have well-documented submission guidelines for comic creators.

Archie Comics
Archieverse: Eclipse NFTs

Marvel Comics and DC Comics on VeVe

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics VeVe Announcement w/Spider-Man

Topps NFTs

Valiant Comics
Valiant NFTs

DC Comics
DC Comics on Palm NFT Studio
Discord: Bat Cowls Cards (physical and NFT platform)

Dynamite Entertainment
TerraVirtua Collections: Vampirella, The Boys, Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal NFT Club

Independent Comic Creators

This section features independent comic book creators who may contribute to mainstream and indie comic books.

Comic Book School

Pixel Vault
Punks Comic NFTs
Metahero Universe: NFT Game

Huxley Comic
Huxley Comic website


Nick Percival
Bloodlines graphic novel

Mind MGMT: The Artifact (full comic)

David Sager: Rude World graphic novel

Josh Blaylock on


Uncategorized Comic-Related Projects

This section features projects that I haven’t quite figured out how to categorize at this time. Some of these links could be featured in other sections.

Rob Prior’s Stan Lee Legacy Portraits

Stan Lee
Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs

Gareb Shamus
Kumite NFT Game
Twitter: @KumiteNFT


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IMPORTANT: This is not financial advice. Links are not necessarily endorsements.