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Comic Book School staff will host two educational panels at New York Comicon 2023. Please read the details carefully, if you are participating in our events.

Portfolios Workshop and Review

Sat, Oct 14, 2023
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
River Pavilion: Professional Programming
Learn what to include and leave out of your portfolio for pencilers, inkers, colorists, and letterers. Editors and publishers are looking for new talent. This highly interactive workshop will share useful guides for maximizing your professional portfolio for in-person and online submissions. As a bonus, 5 aspiring creators will be selected to get real-time feedback from our panel of editors and pros. This essential training is advised for creators of all levels, but special focus will be on creators who are seeking professional, paid work in comic books for independent and mainstream publishers.

Why This Panel:
1. Panelists will include editors and professionals available leading up to the NYCC event. As always, we will focus on a diverse set of voices and perspectives to support and inspire all comic book creators who want to go pro.
2. It’s getting more difficult to show your work, as fewer publishers send editors to shows. Aspiring creators need to be ready at any moment to show their work in person or online. We will prepare you!
3. Longtime sponsor Marvy/Uchida will provide pro-quality markers, pens, and art tools to participants.


  • Buddy Scalera – Writer: Deadpool and others. Founder of Comic Book School.


  • Anthony Marques – Batman The Audio Adventures, Green Hornet, Earth 6
  • Darren Sanchez – Marvel Comics editor, After Hours Press
  • Marcelo Ferreira – Moon Knight, Strange, Spider-Man
  • Matt Hawkins – Writer: Top Cow, Postal, Swing, Aphrodite IX
  • Sean Chen – Artist: Iron Man, Wolverine. Writer/Artist: Evermind

Spotlight Review:

We will be reviewing as many portfolios as possible in the time we have. We are also looking for 1-2 people for a “spotlight” review. That means you join us onstage and get a live review of your portfolio. If you are interested, please send a link to your portfolio samples. Please do not send me any attachments. It’s too much for my email. Email me directly at


Creator Connection: Facilitated Professional Networking for Creators

Sun, Oct 15, 2023
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
River Pavilion: Professional Programming
Meet your next creative partner in this fun, interactive networking session. Bring business cards & samples of your work. This is the panel that has literally helped complete strangers form creative teams and publish comic books. This is the original and best Creator Connection. Be there and launch your career. (Note: This is not a portfolio review. This is like speed dating for creators. Shy people welcome!)

  • Advice for artists: Prepare a portfolio of your work. Print it out or show it on your iPad. Bring business cards, a notebook, and some pens.
  • Advice for writers: Prepare your ideas. Bring business cards, a notebook, and some pens.

Why this panel?
1. This is probably the most exciting and beloved panel of the entire show. We literally connect people in a meaningful and professional way.
2. We demonstrate how to network as a professional, how to follow up, and how to continue the conversation after the convention. It gets people out of their seats to actually engage with each other and make creator connections!
3. Many creators have created comic books – several have won awards! – based on this networking panel

Longtime sponsor Marvy/Uchida will provide pro-quality markers, pens, and art tools to participants.

But wait, there’s more: Every year, people return to this panel to show the comic book that they created as a direct result of the Creator Connection panel. Several creators have used their connections to go pro. In fact, our entire two anthologies are titled “Creator Connection” as a direct link to the work we do at NYCC. We keep creators busy all year creating comics at Comic Book School, so that they are ready for NYCC this year and every year!

Comic Book School team:

  • Buddy Scalera
  • Arielle Lupkin
  • Kris Burgos
  • Marcelo Ferreira: Moon Knight, Strange, Spider-Man
  • Maryam Marks
  • AA Rubin


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