Pro Interviews: Filip Sablik

Filip Sablik of BOOM! Studios following a Comic Book School panel at NYCC 2012.
Filip Sablik of BOOM! Studios following a Comic Book School panel at NYCC 2012.

This week, I interview Filip Sablik, Vice President of Publishing and Marketing at BOOM! Studios. Filip is a longtime industry insider who you may remember as the Publisher at Top Cow Comics. I met Filip over a decade ago when he was my contact over at Diamond Comics.

He is a smart guy who has participated on my Comic Book School panels at New York Comicon.

BUDDY SCALERA @ COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one thing every artist should include in their convention portfolio?

FILIP SABLIK: Sequential pages. Comic books are about story-telling rather than beautiful rendering or striking illustration. The sequential pages should tell a clear story without any dialogue or captions.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one thing you saw last week that you’ll incorporate into your comic book storytelling?

FILIP SABLIK: Not sure if there’s anything specific from last week, but I was reviewing advances of DAY MEN: PEN & INK #1 ( with annotations by artist Brian Stelfreeze and writers Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson. It’s an amazing behind-the-scenes process book and Stelfreeze in particular is a master class in story-telling. Lots to learn from that book!

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one comic book you’d recommend that people start reading?

FILIP SABLIK: DEAD LETTERS by Christopher Sebela and Chris Visions ( My favorite first issue I’ve read this year thus far.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s on your desk right now?

FILIP SABLIK: My Macbook Air, a second monitor, wireless keyboard and trackpad, gum, photos of my daughters, coffee and water, my day planner, my phone, and advance copies of Savage Brothers Deluxe Edition ( and RoboCop: The Human Element ( trade paperbacks.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: Creative tool(s) of choice:

FILIP SABLIK: These days mostly my Macbook Air if you consider marketing plans, contract negotiations, and publishing plans creative (which I do).

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