Siblings Create Educational Comic – Chas! Pangburn & Kim Shearer

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Comic Book School’s founder Buddy Scalera and his Emmy-award winning co-host Mike Fasolo talk to siblings who have collaborated to create an all-ages educational comic.

Mad Cave Studios editor Chas! Pangburn teams with his sister Kim Shearer, an English teacher and librarian. We explore “Double Booking: Tail of the Mummy Cat” the latest release from Papercutz (part of Mad Cave Studios). It is an educational, flip book comic with one story told two different ways.

Explore what it takes to create an all-ages educational comic that’s entertaining and engaging for middle school readers.

(Did we mention that Kim is an actual school teacher? She knows this stuff!)

DATE: 6/18/2024
HOST: Buddy Scalera
CO-HOST: Mike Fasolo
GUEST: Chas! Pangburn
GUEST: Kim Shearer


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