3 Act Structure – Writing Stories with “Story” by Robert McKee for Writers

3-Act Structure Header

The three-act structure is famously discussed as a framework for writing stories. Beginning, middle, end. But there’s more to it.

Comic Book School writer-in-residence Buddy Scalera teams up with Emmy-award winning screenwriter Mike Fasolo to discuss the “3-Act Structure” and the famous book “Story” by Robert McKee.

Plus, reports from Michael Dolce from LA Comicon and a special farewell from Rob AnderSin.

DATE: 12/5/2023


HOST: Buddy Scalera

CO-HOST: Mike Fasolo

GUEST: Michael (The Sire) Dolce


Screenshots from the show. All images are (c) respective owners from the book “Story” by Robert McKee. Find more about the book on the official “Story” website: https://mckeestory.com/books/story/


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