EternalCon 2023 – Comic Book School Panels, Editors, & Artist Alley Info

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Comic Book School editors, writers, and artists will appear at EternalCon 2023 on July 8-9, 2023.

Hofstra University, 245, Hempstead, NY 11549

Official list of panels:


11am Girl Scouts Comic Book Badge
Girl Scouts can earn their comic book badge in this workshop. Girl Scouts are admitted free to the show to earn their badge.
Host: Buddy Scalera
Panelists: Dennis Knight, Michael Grassia


2pm He said/She Said: Writers on Writing Dialogue
Description: You can learn a lot about a person from the way they talk. This is doubly true in comics, as most of the words–at least the ones the reader sees—are dialogue. Level up your character development, as our panel examines dialogue and characterization. Learn the secrets of syntax (sentence structure), diction (word choice), and figurative language.

Writers of all genres, mediums, and experience levels welcome.
Panelists: A.A Rubin, Cathy Kirch


4pm Mental Health in Comics
Mental/Self Health for Comic Creators Sigh…that’s the sound a lot of creative people make on a regular basis. Are we unhappy? Do we lack motivation? Are we not getting out comics made? Creating comics can be a very solitary job. As creators we tend to live in our heads and may not always make the healthiest of choices. Join us as we sit down with comic creators and discuss the things, they do to help them stay healthy. Also, we will discuss how comic creation can help
you deal with mental and emotional issues.
Panelists: Kevin, Michael Grassia, ArtsMermaid, Darren Sanchez
Moderators: Cathy Kirch



No panels for Comic Book School. Come meet our editors, writers, and artists at our table!


Check out the official EternalCon 2023 website.

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