Pro Interviews: Jerry Ordway

Jerry Ordway at NYCC
Ordway at NYCC2012
Jerry Ordway at a Comic Book School panel at NY Comicon 2012.

This week, I interview legendary comic artist Jerry Ordway (

Not only is Jerry one of the best illustrator in the industry, he’s also a comic book educator. He joins me every year for Comic Book School panels at New York Comicon. Check out his blog, which features some fascinating sketches and thumbnails.

BUDDY SCALERA @ COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one thing every artist should include in their convention portfolio?

JERRY ORDWAY: In my opinion, it would be continuity pages. I see too many artists with pin-ups, and no actual storytelling.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one thing you saw last week that you’ll incorporate into your comic book storytelling?

JERRY ORDWAY: The Grand Budapest Hotel! I liked the way director Wes Anderson set up shots.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one comic book you’d recommend that people start reading?

JERRY ORDWAY: I’m liking the new She-Hulk series. Also, the new Doc Savage comic is really solid.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s on your desk right now?

JERRY ORDWAY: A sketch for a Dark Horse Presents cover I am drawing.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: Creative tool(s) of choice:

JERRY ORDWAY: Hunt #102 crow quill pen tip (, #3 Raphael 8404 brush (, Pelikan drawing ink (, aided and abetted by Pitt brush pens (

Jerry Ordway on Twitter:
Jerry Ordway Blog:


Buddy’s Note: This interview appeared originally in the Comic Book School Newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter.

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