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Rus Wooton, letterer to the stars.

Of all the people I’ve met in comic books, I know Rus Wooton the longest. Rus and I go back almost 20 years, when we met on the Compuserve message boards. Later, when I needed a staff designer at Wizard, Rus joined my team. During that time, we came up with Wizard School as our little side project.

Rus has always been part of my work here at Comic Book School. He’s the designer of the Comic Book School logo. Rus has continued to be an active creator in the comic book industry. He has lettered on countless comic books, including Walking Dead, Invincible, and a boatload of titles for Marvel Comics. Rus is also an accomplished artist with some amazing illustrations on his DeviantArt page (

BUDDY SCALERA @ COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one thing every artist should include in their convention portfolio.

RUS WOOTON: Their best work, only their best.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one thing you saw last week that you’ll incorporate into your comic book storytelling?

RUS WOOTON: “Fargo” the TV series on FX ( That’s some great, inspirational storytelling, although the subject matter can be bleak.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s one comic book you’d recommend that people start reading?

RUS WOOTON: Other than all the books I letter? “Southern Bastards” by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour or “Trees” by Warren Ellis & Jason Howard . Basically, stuff by guys named Jason.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: What’s on your desk right now?

RUS WOOTON: My iMac & MacBook Pro, external backup drives, pens & pencils, coffee, phones, mail, DVDs of “Some Kind of Wonderful,” “Clerks II,” “Metal Evolution,” and “Global Metal,” the new Boy Hits Car CD, the autobiography book “Honestly: My Life & Stryper Revealed” by Michael Sweet, and “kaBOOMbox” volume 1 (comicbook anthology in trade paperback), a few Hot Wheels cars, and a 2″ Godzilla figure.

COMIC BOOK SCHOOL: Creative tool(s) of choice:

RUS WOOTON: Mac, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Manga Studio, Sketchbook Pro, Wacom Cintiq, paper, pencil, charcoal, pens, markers.


Twitter: @RusWooton

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