Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 1

Visual Reference CD 1 182wVisual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 1 is a photo reference pose file on CD-ROM for comic book and manga illustrators, video game designers, and professional graphic designers. Action poses and weapons.

All this for only $10. Best investment you can ever make is…you.

This is the CD-ROM by Buddy Scalera that started it all in 2001. The original collection of photos that are uniquely useful for comic book creators. Plus, it includes a cover and behind the scenes sketches by legendary comic artist Sean Chen.

Includes 500+ photos of people, places and things to help your creativity and anatomy. Get started today because your career matters. You deserve the right tools to create your comic book art! If you’re interested in breaking into comics, this is one of the essential tools you’ll need to draw better.

Stop wasting time searching online to save yourself a few bucks. Comic book convention season is right around the corner. It’s time you break into the comic book industry and start working as a comic professional.

Logo design by Rus Wooton.
Cover design by Arlene So.

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Vol. 1 | Vol 1 Vol. 2Vol 2 | Vol. 3Vol 3


$9.99 plus $2.00 shipping (USA only)

All photos are rated PG. No nudity or suggestive situations.


SAMPLE IMAGES (includes pictures from all three CD-ROMs):

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