Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 2

Visual Reference CD #2 250wVisual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 2 is a the second collection of photo reference pose file on CD-ROM by Buddy Scalera. This time we include male and female actors who embrace, wield weapons and just generally look cool.

Our male and female actors bring a little romance (but not too much) to these photos. It’s difficult to draw two people kissing, so use photo ref to nail that perfect pose.

Plus, there are the kinds of locations seen in comic books, including city shots, vehicles and other types of photos useful to comic creators. Seriously, stop wasting time Googling for stuff. Just buy the disc for $10 and get to work. Your time is more valuable than that!

Again, only $10 for over 500 images on CD-ROM! Awesome, right?

Kick-start your comic book art career today. Get yourself some photo reference and improve your anatomy, perspective, and locations. You know that sketch blog you’ve been meaning to start? Do it!

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Vol. 1 | Vol 1 Vol. 2Vol 2 | Vol. 3Vol 3

Buy directly from the author.

Only $9.99 plus $2.00 shipping (USA only)

All photos are rated PG. No nudity or suggestive situations.

SAMPLE IMAGES (includes pictures from all three CD-ROMs) on Flickr

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