Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: People & Poses – Anatomy Book

Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: People & Poses
by Buddy Scalera

This book is out of print. It has been re-released in 2016 as the Comic Artist’s Essential Photo Reference: People & Poses Book.

This is the photo reference for artists collection you’ve been looking for. The real deal. Accept no anatomy imitations.

Strong men and hot women photographed in action packed superhero poses for your figure drawing needs. Great anatomy lessons in striking poses and in interesting angles under light that creates shadows. Explore the anatomy of physically fit men and women.

All in a 144-page pose file book and CD-ROM package featuring 1100 color photographs by Buddy Scalera, the creator of many photo reference and figure drawing anatomy resources. This is the first book in a four-book series that will help with illustration, sketching, manga art, painting, and more.

Stop searching online for “free” images. Your time is worth something. Crack open this book and get to the art table and start breaking into comics. Be inspired by the poses that professional artists have used to create your favorite comic books. Start some new pages for convention season. It’s like a classroom in a book for people who want to create comic books as a career.

All photos are rated PG. No nudity or suggestive situations.

Available on Amazon.

The 144-page softcover book and CD-ROM package retails for $24.95 in major bookstores (ISBN-13 978-1-58180-758-5), comic book stores, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon.

Professional actors and models are in serious superhero poses. Many shots have unique angles and perspectives, designed specifically for the needs of comic book creators.

Weapons and objects include:

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Quarterstaff
  • Capes

The art and figure drawing demonstrations include:

Edited by Amy Jeynes

“The art lessons are by established, respected professional artists,” explains author Scalera. “Everything is tailored to the unique needs of comic artists, so you’ll see a lot of extreme perspectives, angles, foreshortening, and shadows.”

Comics Worth Reading calls it “a lovely gift for an aspiring artist.”

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