Colossal Collection of Action Poses & Photo Reference for Comic Artists

Colossal Collection Cover 400w

Includes 1,200 posefile photos for anatomy for artists by Buddy Scalera & Amanda Conner cover

Buddy Scalera is about to give professional illustrators and sketch artists something to cheer about.  The comic book writer (Deadpool, Richie Rich) and photographer has shot 1,200 pictures and other photo reference for artists drawing superheroes.  Collected in his new book,  “Comic & Fantasy Artist’s Photo Reference: Colossal Collection of Action Poses”


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A 320-page oversize trade paperback book, published by IMPACT Books, collects the best of Buddy Scalera’s hard-to-find pose-file and adds dozens of brand new pictures and art tutorials. “Colossal Collection” is Scalera’s fifth educational book. It is still available.

The “Colossal Collection of Action Poses” is a book that features a best-of style group of anatomy poses from Scalera’s first three photo books, which include: Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: People & Poses (2006), Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women & Girls (2008), and Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Men & Boys (2008). The pose file book boasts an all-new cover by fan favorite artist Amanda Conner (Power Girl, Black Cat, Vampirella, and Harley Quinn) and Paul Mounts (Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Ultimates).

If you are looking for photo reference for artists, this is the original and best resource for figure drawing and cartooning.

What’s Inside the Colossal Collection of Action Poses

Exclusive new photographs include poses from fashion designer Ridada Elias ( and actress Zoe Labella. Scalera also includes never-before-seen photographs that were shot for the original books, but were not included due to space. And, the book features new art lessons from Michael Avon Oeming (Powers) and Thom Zahler (Love & Capes).

View the Table of Contents for this educational anatomy book and pose file pictures of men and women fighting, kicking, punching, and acting out other action poses.  You’ll get photos of people with guns, knives, swords, a bow, a staff, martial arts, and other fighting poses. These photos capture the action that you need to create dynamic comics.

Also included are classic educational lessons from Mitchell Breitweiser (Captain America), Sean Chen (Wolverine), Paul Chadwick (Concrete), David Hahn (Spider-Man), Matt Haley (Wonder Woman), Jamal Igle (Superman), Josh Howard (Dead@17), JG Jones (Wanted), Rafael Kayanan (Conan), Mike Lilly (Batman), Greg Land (X-Men), Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), Fernando Ruiz (Archie), William Tucci (Shi), and Mark Smylie (Archaia). These step-by-step tutorials will help you improve your figure drawing technique.

Contest #1 – Make Zoe a Superhero – Winners Announced


About the Author

Buddy Scalera is a comic book writer, editor and photographer of photo reference for comic book artists. He is the author of the popular Comic Artist’s Photo Reference book series for IMPACT Books, and he is also known for his best-selling series of photography CD-ROMs, Visual Reference for Comic Artists. Learn more about Buddy on his Amazon Author Page. Buddy has written for many mainstream comics, including Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, Agent X and X-Men Unlimited, and he also contributed to Marvel’s all-ages series Lockjaw and The Pet Avengers. On the indie side, he has written many comics including Richie Rich and Elvira. As a comic book educator, Buddy has hosted and organized workshops and panels at major conventions in locations including New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, Long Beach, and Philadelphia.



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  1. I was given book Colossal Collection of Action poses and it is really cool. However I need help finding the additional photos you site in your book in the bottom right corner of the page . . . I’ve even writen it down and I can’t seem to get it rite ;(

    Can you send me a link or something?
    (I’m trying to finish a couple peices and need a different reference than I’ve found in your book.)

  2. I have the first 3 books in the series and I use them constantly, they have been a major part of my progress as a comicbook artist. eventually I intend to expand on the collection when funds are available, keep up the great work

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