Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women & Girls – Anatomy Book

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Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women & Girls

The second book in the Comic Artist’s Photo Reference series. A 144-page pose file book of photo reference for comic artists. The book includes a multimedia CD-ROM with over 1,100 color photographs of superhero women published by F+W’s IMPACT Books.

Available on Amazon. All photos are rated PG. No nudity or suggestive situations.

Get the world’s finest photographic reference featuring physically fit women in super action poses. Dramatic lighting scenarios add impact and depth to your drawings of female in action poses.

In this book, Buddy Scalera includes four different women of varying ages and feature athletic body types that serve as useful photo reference for artists. Scalera pays special attention to bodies in motion, including flying, fighting, punching, and other action poses. These are the kinds of motion you need to capture in your comic book pages, if you’re going to break into comics as a career.

The book includes all-color images of women in athletic clothing. There are also similar action poses in street clothing. You’ll find women with swords, guns, sticks, poles, capes, and other interesting weapons. Plus, there are other everyday poses, including talking on the phone, applying makeup, and expressing a range of emotions from laughter to anger. Use this for inspiration for your figure drawing and other cartooning.


The 144-page softcover book and CD-ROM featuring photo reference for artists retails for $24.95 in major bookstores (ISBN-978-1600610035), comic book stores, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon.

Photography Features

* Four beautiful female models in a range of ages, body types, and heights
* A wide variety of action, dramatic and casual poses, as well as facial expressions—from applying makeup and getting dressed to flying, shooting, punching and more!
* Weapons, including swords, guns, nunchuks, crossbow, and a punching bag to show motion, impact, and other details relevant to comic book illustrators
* Real motion action poses, including jumping, running, walking, standing, sitting, punching, kicking, yelling…all performed by professional actresses in a studio
* Four step-by-step demonstrations show how top artists use photo references in the creation of cutting-edge comic book art.
* 600 additional high-quality images on the companion CD-ROM!

Educational art lessons, tips, and suggestions by top comic creators, including:

* JG Jones
* Jamal Igle
* Terry Moore
* Josh Howard

Edited by Amy Jeynes

If you’ve been considering a career in comic books, you need to have the right tools. This book is packed with photo reference for comic artists what will help you as you work to break into comics.

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