Comic Publisher Submission Guidelines | Updated 1/25/2023

You need to understand publisher submission guidelines, if you want to break into the comic books. This list of submission guidelines includes links to comic book publishers.

Many comic book publishers do not want to be inundated with submission packages. As of this writing, Marvel Comics has a line on their submissions page that reads “…and if you have the right stuff…we’ll find you.”

Breaking into comics is a real challenge for creators, particularly writers. My name is Buddy Scalera and every year, I host panels at New York Comicon where I ask comic and book editors to offer advice about breaking in. Just about every comix editor wants the same thing from aspiring artists: sequential comic book work samples. You need to submit more than pinups and sketches. Nothing proves that you can make comics like making actual sequential comics.

If you’re interested in breaking into Marvel Comics, check out this interview I did with Joe Quesada, chief creative officer at Marvel. Although Quesada is former CCO, you can still learn a lot from this conversation.

Check out the educational videos on our Comic Book School YouTube Channel.

Also, explore our growing resources and our Kickstarter for Apocalypse Blvd by Comic Book School founder Buddy Scalera.

Updated 1/25/2023

For writers, it’s even more difficult, since an editor can’t review your work at a convention. So creating a comic, having it drawn, and getting it published will give you an edge with editors. I know, I know, it’s a chicken-or-egg thing of “I need something published to get something published,” but there are always small publishers and Kickstarter to help you get your first project off the ground.

If you want to work in comic books as a professional, learn about the industry and the publishers you are targeting. Buy (never pirate) the comics they publish, which will help them stay in business as you break in as a pro.

Here’s a list of submission guidelines by publisher. Bookmark this and check back. I’ll keep it updated. If you see a broken link, let me know.

The Big Two: DC and Marvel Submission Guidelines

There’s a reason Marvel and DC are considered “the Big Two.” By sheer sales numbers, they dominate the newsstand and the direct market (comic shops). Marvel and DC tend to be difficult to break into because they have highly desirable superhero characters. For many writers and artists, Marvel and DC are their fantasy dream job. This isn’t true for all creators, but when you go to conventions and see the lines for portfolio review, you know that a lot of people want to get paid to draw and write their characters. I’ve written Deadpool and other comics for Marvel Comics and will tell you that it is a lot of fun.

DC Comics
Publisher of Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Sandman, Preacher, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Mad Magazine, Watchmen, Vertigo titles, and many others.

Marvel Comics
Publisher of Spider-Man, The X-Men, Avengers, Daredevil, Iron Man, Hulk, Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Ultimates, and many others. (no longer available) (Click General Feedback. Look for Submissions.)

Large Independent Publishers Submission Links

There are quite a few top independent publishers, and you can debate who they are. Some of them are so large and established that it may not be accurate to call them “indy publishers.” But this is why they are part of the elite “large independent publishers” section. This list is completely subjective and you should feel free to challenge my listings in the comments section below.

Publisher of A Walk Through Hell, Her Infernal Descent, Animosity, and Stronghold
Twitter: @AfterShockComix

Alien Books
Publisher of Valiant Comics titles starting in 2023. Also, ZomVikings,

Archie Comics
Publisher of Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Sonic, Afterlife With Archie, and other comic books and supermarket digests.
Twitter: @ArchieComics

Avatar Press
Publisher of Crossed, Robocop, Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead, and many others.
Twitter: @AvatarPress

Boom! Studios
Publisher of 3 Guns, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Planet of the Apes, Irredeemable, and many others.
Twitter: @boomstudios
Instagram: @boom_studios

Dark Horse Comics
Publisher of Hellboy, Star Wars, Buffy, Conan, Buffy, Grendel, Terminator, Ghost, and many others.

Dynamite Entertainment
Publisher of Bionic Man, Battlestar Galactica, Project Superpowers, Shadow, Flash Gordon, Green Hornet, and many others.

Fantagraphics Books
Publisher of Love & Rockets, Hate, Acme Novelty Library, Eightball, and many others.

IDW Publishing
Publisher of Kiss, Locke & Key, Transformers, GI Joe, My Little Pony, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many others
Twitter: @IDWPublishing

Image Comics
Publisher of Walking Dead, Invincible, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Chew, Kabuki, Dead @ 17, Saga, Youngblood, and many others.

Top Cow Entertainment
Publisher of Witchblade, Darkness, Cyberforce, and others (part of Image Comics).

Valiant Entertainment
Publisher of X-O Manowar, Archer and Armstrong, Quantum and Woody, Harbinger, and other comic books. 

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Indy Comic Book, Graphic Novel, and Book Publishers Submission Guidelines

Some of the most interesting and creative comic books are being published by independent (indy) publishers. Even though many of these publishers are smaller in total number of titles, they may be the perfect way for you to get your foot in the door, if you want to make comics.

Many of us broke into comics through indy publishers willing to take a chance on a new writer or artist. My first published work as a comic writer was all through independent publishers.

Not all comic book publishers have clear guidelines for submission, especially independent publishers. In that case, the links I include here may drive you to an About page or a Contact page. If I haven’t found anything else, I will send you to the home page.

Remember, not all small indy publishers are prepared to publishing anything beyond their own projects, so do your research.

As with any publishing submission, read a few issues of comics that they have already published. You can get a sense for their publishing strategy by reviewing upcoming releases. Get as much information as you can about a publisher before reaching out with your comic book ideas.

Also, know yourself. Do you need to get paid to make comics? If making an income from comics, understand that a small indy comic publisher may not be able to meet your needs. Research your options carefully to determine the best creative and business fit for you. Educational videos on our Comic Book School YouTube Channel.

01 Publishing
Publisher of Casefile Arkham, World War Kaiju

12-Gauge Comics
Publisher of The Ride, Body Bags, 25 to Life, Boondock Saints, R.P.M.

215 Ink
Flutter, Black River, & Breakneck

2000 AD
Publisher of Judge Dredd.

Aardwolf Publishing
Publisher of comics, prose books, and non fiction books, including Futurians.

AC Comics
Publisher of Femforce and other comic books.

Action Lab
Publisher of comics and digital comics.

Advent Comics
Publisher of Pandemonium, Supernatural Agents, Champions of Hope, Titan the Ultra Man
Twitter @AdventComics

After Hours Comics
Publisher of Genie the Genius and a bunch of comics that I wrote a long time ago.

AfterLight Comics
Publisher of Wendigo Wood, Elena, & Folktales of the Cryptids
Twitter: @AfterLightComic
Instagram: @AfterLightComics

Ahoy Comics
Publisher of The Wrong Earth, High Heaven, Captain Ginger
Twitter: @AhoyComicMags
Check out our Comic Book School interview with Ahoy Comics Publisher Tom Peyer

Alterna Comics
Publisher of Fubar, The Chair & Mother Russia!submit-your-comic/cfvg

Amazing Action Comics
Publisher of Project Shadow Breed, Red Hyena
Twitter: @AmazingActionC

Amigo Comics
Publisher of Titan, Tales of Rogues, Call of the Suicide Forest, Ghost Wolf
Twitter: @AmigoComics

Antarctic Press
Publisher of Gold Digger, Ninja High School, Airship Enterprise, and others.

Publisher of Kade, Isis, and other comic books.

Aspen Comics
Publisher of Fathom, Shrugged, Charismagic, and other comic books.

Asylum Press
Publisher of Adversary, Asylum of Horrors, Warlash BioBurden
Twitter: @asylumpress
Instagram: @asylumpress

AWA Studios
Publisher of: Chariot, Fight Girls, Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal, Knighted
Twitter: @AWA_Studios
Instagram: @awastudiosofficial/

BHP Comics
Publisher of Rok of the Reds, Invention of Comics, Mighty Women of Science, Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics
Twitter: @BHP_Comics

Big Blue Comics
Publisher of The Resistants, Hyper-Action, Sophia Saturn
Twitter: @BigBlueComics

Black Box Comics
Publisher of I.T.: The Secret World of Banking
Twitter: @BlackBoxComicsP

Black Crown Comics
Publisher of Lodger, Kid Lobotomy, Euthanauts
Twitter: @blackcrownhq

Black Josei Press
Publisher of Arrive in My Hands, Ode to Keisha, The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town
Twitter: @BlackJoseiPress

Black Mask Studios
Publisher of 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Space Riders, Ballistic

Blank Slate Books
Publisher of Psychiatric Tales, Nelson, & The Silver Darlings

Blood Moon Comics
Publisher of Pop-Up, Hoan of Orus, Usher of the Dead
Twitter: @moon_comics

Blue Fox Comics
Publisher of Macbeth: The Red King, Hexes, Mountains of Madness, Robyn
Twitter: @BlueFoxComics

Carbon Age Comics
Publisher of Soul, Giallo Gumbo, The Legend of Pinky

Chapterhouse Publishing
Publisher of Die Kitty Die, Captain Canuck, Life Death & Sorcery, Agents of P.A.C.T.
Twitter: @chapterhouseca

Publisher of Lucky Luke, Iznogoud, Blake & Mortimer, XIII, Valerian, Thorgal, Largo Winch, Spirou & Fantasio
Twitter: @CinebookLtd

Publisher of Cla$$war and other comic books.

Comicker Digital
Publisher of #Adulting, Artful Daggers, The Casebook of Rabbit Black, Devil Skin, Welderkin
Twitter: @ComickerLLC

Comics Experience Publishing
Packages comics for IDW & educational resources

Digital publishing distributor

Publisher of The Standard, Oxymoron, & educational resources

Devil’s Due Entertainment
Publisher of Mercy Sparx and other comic books.

Drawn & Quarterly
Publisher of many graphic novels.

Double Take
Publisher of zombie comics by Bill Jemas. (Out of business.)

Europe Comics
Publisher of Hercules Intergalactic Agent, XIII Mystery, Lion of Judah, Kriss of Valnor

Evil Kat Comics
Publisher of Vampire Books for Blood and Manchester Unbreakable
Twitter: @Evil_Kat_Comix

FairSquare Comics
Publisher of Noir Is The New Black, One-Hit Wonder, Lady-Bird, Intertwined
Twitter: @fabricesapolsky
Instagram: @fairsquarecomics

Fanbase Press
Publisher of Hero Hotel, Identity Thief, Penguins vs Possums, Quince, & The Gamma Girls
Twitter: @Fanbase_Press

Full Moon Comix
Publisher of Dollman and many horror movies.
Twitter: @FullMoonHorror

Ghost Machine Publishing
Publisher of Tell Tale Heart and Black Lantern
Twitter: @waywardraven

Godhood Comics
Publisher of The Antagonists, Keisha Carter is Mega Woman, Sharpshooter
Twitter: @godhoodcomics

Graphix (imprint of Scholastic Books)
Publisher of Bone, Amulet, Smile, Ghosts, Baby-Sitters Club, Bad Island
Twitter: @Graphixbooks
Instagram: @graphixbooks

Heavy Metal Magazine
Publisher of Heavy Metal magazine and many graphic novels.

Heroic Publishing
Publisher of Flare, Lady Arcane, Icicle, Murcielaga She-Bat

Hocus Pocus Comics
Publisher of Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allen Poe, Elevator, Houdini’s Silver Dollar Misfits

Publisher of Metabarons, Gregory and the Gargoyles, The Retreat, Carthago Adventures, The Magical Twins
Twitter: @humanoidsinc

Insane Comics
Publisher of American Bison, Convoy of Corpses, Hang Low Aim High, Hollow Girl

Invader Comics
Publisher of Doctor Crowe, Freaks & Gods, Kodoja
Twitter: @InvaderComics

Inverse Press
Publisher of Antitheis, Flesh of White, Roadkill Du Jour 

Insight Comics
Publisher of Skip to the End, Clockwork Lives, The Baker Street Four
Twitter: @InsightComics

Iron Circus Comics
Publisher of graphic novels including Poorcraft, Letters of Lucardo, Smut Peddler Presents, Shadoweyes
Twitter: @ironcircuscomix

Kingstone Comics
Publisher of The Bible Trilogy, Echoes of Eden, The Remaining
Twitter: @kingstonecomics

Kymera Press
Publisher of Gates of Midnight, Pet Noir
Twitter: @KymeraPress

Last Ember Press
Publisher of Pneumatic Cases, The Crimson Badge, and the Emberverse
Twitter: @lastemberpress

Last Gasp
Publisher of The Fifth Beatle, Tin Tin, and other graphic novels.

Level 8 Comics
Publisher of Brethren Born

Lightning Strikes Comics
Publisher of Lightning Strikes Presents
Twitter: @LSComics

Lion Forge
Publisher of Knight Rider, Airwolf, and other comics.

LOD Comics
Publisher of The Lightbearer & Dreams

Mad Cave Studios
Publisher of Speed Republic, Wolvenheart, Battle Cats, Midnight Task Force, Knights of the Golden Sun
Twitter: @MadCaveStudios
Watch our CBS|Live interview with Mad Cave Studios VP Mark Irwin on YouTube. Includes details on submissions.

Publisher of Lexian Chronicles and other comic books.

Maximized Comics
Publisher of Bannockburn, Guardians of Scotland, Dagon, & The Big Comic Con

Monstrous Books
Publisher of anthologies, Shakespeare Unleashed
Check out this interview with Editor James Aquilone

Moonstone Books
Publisher of Kolchak, Mandrake, and other comics.

Publisher of ComicsLit, Boneyard, and other graphic novels.

Nobrow Press
Publisher of Garbage Night, Nightlights, Audubon, Sparx, and graphic novels

Northwest Press
Publisher of The Legend of Bold Riley, Rise, & A Waste of Time

Publisher of New-Gen anthology comic

Ominous Press
Publisher of Dread Gods, Demi-GOD, Beasts of the Black Hand, Ominous Press: Legendary
Twitter: @OminousPress

Oni Press
Publisher  Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, Wasteland, The Sixth Gun

Onishi Press
Publisher of Pack 3: Temperence, LOMACK, Mr. Guy, OPCA anthology
Twitter: @OneshiPress

Ovation Comics
Publisher of Thistleheart, Salamandra, Vanquish, & Infinity Agents
Twitter: @OvationComics

Publisher of Only Living Boy, Barbie, Trolls, Smurfs
Twitter: @PapercutzGN

Random House Graphic
Publisher of The Runaway Princess, Bug Boys, Aster and the Accidental Magic, Witchlight, Stepping Stones
Twitter: @RHKidsGraphic

Red Anvil Comics
Publisher of The Mighty Titan, Owlgirls, Cyberines, Mazscara

Red Giant Enterprises
Publisher of Exposure, The First Daughter, Markiplier

Publisher of Neozoic, Seven Percent, Versus

Rogue Matter
Publisher of The Time Trader, Making Markum, MacBryde & Grüm
Twitter: @rogue_matter
Exclusive: See a full interview on YouTube with Rogue Matter Executive Director Michael Dolce

Rosarium Press
Publisher of The Sea is Ours, Echo Gear, DayBlack, Stories for Chip

Scout Comics
Publisher of Henchgirl, Solarman, Girron, White Ash, Sam and His Talking Gun, Stake
Twitter: @ScoutComics
Instagram: @scoutcomics

Self Made Hero
Publisher of Art Masters: Basquiat, Maggy Garrisson, Memoirs of a Book Thief, Blossoms in Autumn, Guantánamo Kid
Twitter: @SelfMadeHero

Sinopia Comics
Publisher of Days of Dark Fire
Twitter: @SinopiaComics

Slave Labor
Publisher of Halo and Sprocket, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and other comics.

Source Point Press
Publisher of Norah, Holliston, The Rot, Torso Bear

Space Between Entertainment
Publisher of Destiny NY, Clonsters, Prison Witch, Modern Dread.
Twitter: @SpaceBetweenEnt

Statix Press
Publisher of European comics under Titan Comics
Twitter: @StatixPress

Publisher of United States of Magic, Fab, Only Hope
Twitter: @StoryWorlds_

Team Girl Comic
Publisher of anthology featuring women creators

Th3rd World
Publisher of comic books and graphic novels.

Tidal Wave Comics (formerly Bluewater Comics)
Publisher of Logan’s Run, 10th Muse, and biographical comic books.

Titan Books
Publisher of Albion, Charley’s War, & licensed properties.

TKO Studios
Publisher of Sara, The 7 Deadly Sins, Goodnight Paradise, The Fearsome Doctor Fang, The Banks, and others.
Twitter: @TKOpresents

TO Comix Press
Publisher of Wayward Sisters, Yonge at Heart, Shout Out, Toronto Comics, Osgoode As Gold (look for email address)
Twitter: @TorontoComix

Top Shelf Productions
Publisher of Box Office Poison, Owly, Blankets, and many others.

Publisher of science fiction, horror, and fantasy books and graphic novels. 

TPub Comics
Publisher of Theatrics, Twisted Dark, The Theory, Tabatha
Twitter: @TPubComics

TwoMorrows Publishing
Publisher of comics history, comics journalism, and other fan publications.

Udon Entertainment
Publisher of Dark Souls II, Persona 4, and art books for video games and manga characters

Vault Comics
Publisher of Sojaquan, Alien Bounty Hunter, Spiritus, & Failsafe
Twitter: @thevaultcomics

Vertical Comics
Publisher of CITY, BLAME!, Moteki, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Pop Team Epic and more!
Twitter: Vertical_Comics

Warp Graphics
Publisher of Elfquest

Wayward Raven
Publisher of Horsemen, Signed C: The Missing, The Ascendant, The Committee
Twitter: @waywardraven

Will Lill Comics
Publisher of Fun Adventure Comics, Firefox, Mercury
Twitter: @wlcomics

Wicked Comics
Publisher of Dead Samurai, Clownman, Killswitch, Cronos
Twitter: @WickedComics

Yen Press
Publisher of Twilight & Maximum Ride.

Zenescope Entertainment
Publisher of Grimm Fairy Tales and other comic books.

To learn more about making comics, please check out my books and CD-ROMs. #makingcomics

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