8-Page Challenge #2 – Introduction

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Creators, are you ready to take that first step to becoming a comic book professional? Or are you an experienced creator who wants to just put more stories out there?

Welcome to the Comic Book School’s message boards and forums, an online community where aspiring and established professionals can get together to chat, collaborate and create.

And, hey, our first anthology won two awards.

Here are some links to help you get started:


More About Comic Book School and Our Free Anthology

Be sure to also visit our 8-Page Challenge forums and see how the Comic Book School puts theory into practice by working together to develop and release a complete comic anthology.

After you’ve had a chance to read that, consider signing up for the free Comic Book School Newsletter and  read our previous anthology for free.

While you’re here, take a look over at our main forums and join with your fellow creatives to discuss the latest news in the comic industry, the sources of your inspiration and any new tools and tips of the trade that can accelerate a career to the next level. We believe everyone has an interesting perspective to contribute, so jump in and join the conversation.



Who Can Join?

Anyone. It is free to join and participate. The anthology will include all PG-rated submissions and will be available as a free download.


It’s free?

Yes. We have nothing to sell


Will I own my own characters?

Yes, you will sign a release form that will give us the right to publish your story in our anthology. Everything else is co-owned by you and your co-creators. You may not use any characters that are owned by other publishers (e.g., Superman). You may use characters in the public domain.


Is this only for beginners? 

Comic Book School is a community-based resource for creators at all levels. It tends to be geared to new creators, but our community is becoming more experienced with these creative exercises and challenges.


Can I contribute if I have been published before?

Of course. And you can use this as a platform to get your new characters and ideas out there. We have a few creators who are already working professionals, and they are participating for their own personal reasons.


Can I join if it has already started?

Yes. We have created a schedule with a lot of buffer time. We did this because we know many people have day jobs and other responsibilities. We wanted to make sure that a work or life event didn’t blow your schedule. Hence, it’s relatively easy to join and get caught up.


What’s with the message boards?

The idea behind the message boards is to create a community of creators who help each other. Yes, you can go to Facebook or Twitter or somewhere else, but those platforms have a funny way of changing the rules. They can also just shut down, like Google+ or MySpace. We created this as an owned platform, so that we have more control over our community.


Who is running this?

Everyone, really. There’s a growing leadership team that is taking on the responsibility of running the challenge, organizing the publicity, building the website, designing the graphics, and editing the anthology. You can learn more about our leadership team (aka The Council of the Willing).


Anything else?

Yes. You do not have to be a writer or artist to join us. In fact, we need all kinds of talent including inkers, colorists, letterers, editors, and production people. We also need help with social media, design, media relations/publicity, legal, and technical. Heck, we are a growing community. We need help with everything. If you want to participate or just help out, you can reach out to me directly at buddy@comicbookschool.com.


Give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram and for quick and convenient updates and behind the scenes previews as well.

Welcome to your first day of class, everyone.


Learn More About Our Anthology from Our Webcast


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