17 Years of Creating Independent Comics – Featuring Mike Dolce

Dolce 17 Year Header
Comic Book School guest-teacher Ruth Morrison (host of https://com-nation.com/) and Emmy-award winning screenwriter Mike Fasolo talk to guest Michael Dolce, the creator of The Sire.
For 17 years, Dolce has continued to create and publish his superhero epic. Learn what it takes to bring your vision to the page and build an audience. Dolce also has deep knowledge and experience of how to use Kickstarter to create comic books.
Dolce is a former Wizard Entertainment employee who worked on the Wizard World website. He is also the co-host of the highly successful Rogue Wav podcast.
DATE: 2/7/2023
HOST & Engineer:  Ruth Morrison
CO-HOST: Mike Fasolo
GUEST: Mike Dolce


The Sire at Sire Studios
Rogue Wav Podcast
Ruth Interviews Darryl Banks & Michael S. Katz

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