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Workspace by Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins is a busy comic book professional. On top of being the President and COO of Top Cow, he’s also a prolific comic book writer.

I first met Matt in the 1990s when he was a publicist for Rob Liefeld and I was a journalist in the fan press, including Wizard Magazine. We’ve managed to keep in touch over the years, including a few times when Matt joined me for educational panels at New York Comicon.

Matt has always been a smart, generous guy with a lot of ideas and insights. Most of us didn’t realize just how smart he was until he returned to UCLA to earn his Masters Degree in Physics/Applied Sciences. He put those learnings to work in his severely underrated Top Cow series Think Tank.

Speaking of smart comic books, Matt is the writer of several other titles worth your attention, including The Tithe, Postal, Dante (with Darick Robertson), and Samaritan.

Matt sent over a few photos to share the layout of his creative workspace.


TITLE: Matt Hawkins – Comic book writer and President/COO of Top Cow




TWITTER: @topcowmatt



WHAT I USE TO WRITE:  Old school notepads, Microsoft Word on my Macbook.


WHY I SET UP MY WORKSPACE THIS WAY: I thrive in a mess. I actually know where everything is. Whenever I’m in someone’s office and it’s all nice and tidy it always makes me think they don’t have enough to do.


HOW I WORK: I write a shit ton of thoughts on notepads and then try and read my own handwriting. I translate that sometimes successfully to an outline and then go to writing actual pages.


WHAT I AM WORKING ON CURRENTLY: Symmetry V3, Sugar V1, Swing V1, Warframe, Cyber Force, Postal and a Think Tank novel.


WHAT I JUST COMPLETED: Think Tank V5, Samaritan and Dante.




COMICS I’M READING: Digging anything Jeff Lemire, Mark Waid and Kurt Busiek writes and everything from Image.


NON-COMICS I’M READING: Ken Liu‘s books, the Drizzt D&D books (on 11 of I think there are 30) and science journals.


NEXT APPEARANCES: Be in Boston this weekend, NYCC, Tucson and Athens for this year.

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