C2E2 2017 Photos from Educational Panels

My annual trip to Chicago for C2E2 always results in some new connections and a whole lotta photos. Big thanks to my dedicated Comic Book School team including James McGill, Grant Shorter, & Russell McGee, who worked frantically behind the scenes to make my panels run smoothly.

Also, thank you to Ken Lashley, Terry Moore, Brian Haberlin, and Joe Rybandt for sharing your time and expertise with the next generation of comic book creators. And, of course, thank you to Lawrence Hoffmann of Marvy/Uchida and Andy Mott of Autodesk for supporting and sponsoring my panels.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the awesome MK Goodwin. She is a rockstar.

You can find my slides about making comics from C2E2 2017 on Slideshare. Learn more about Publisher Submission Guidelines.

Set #1


Set #2 (More to Come) – Check back again.

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