How to Letter Comic Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story | #8PgChallenge – Step 11

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Creators, don’t slow down. You can actually see the finish line from here. Keep sprinting.

In this next step, we’ll be adding lettering to your comics. And as a comic book pro, you know that lettering can make or break the professional appearance of your comics. Lettering is one of those steps that people only really notice when it’s not very good. (But we both know that your lettering will look great.)

Let’s review what we’ve accomplished so far. In Step 1, we reviewed how to plan a story idea for an 8-Page Story. In Step 2, we looked at how to break down your pages and plot. In Step 3, we worked on revisions to the plot. In Step 4, we created character sheets. In Step 5, we scripted our comic book story. In Step 6 we built our thumbnails. In Step 7, we drew page roughs. In Step 8, we penciled real comic pages. In Step 9, we inked the pages. In Step 10: we added colors to the story.

And now, in Step 11: Lettering, we will apply letters to our pages. This is the final creative step before final production.
Post your lettered comic book pages in the Step 11 folder in the Create@ComicBookSchool forums.

Joe Sabino Letters from Avengers Assemble

We’ve been working from a script that I (Buddy Scalera) wrote for Marvel’s Avengers Assemble comic. Ron Lim penciled and inked the pages. The colors were by Chris Sotomayor.

Now you’re going to see the fantastic letters by Joe Sabino.


Ready, Set, Letter!

Okay, so now it’s your turn. If you are participating in the 8 Page Challenge, you should post your lettered comic pages in the Create@ComicBookSchool forums. Also, you should feel free to leave comments for the participants to help them improve their work.

Post your inked pages into Step 10: Letters in the Create@ComicBookSchool Forums.

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In the meantime, here is the original Announcement of the 8-Page Challenge.


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