8-Page Challenge for Aspiring Pros

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Comic Book School Issues 8-Page Challenge for Aspiring Pros

  • Comic book creators to make 8-page comics stories for new anthology to be released at New York Comic Con 2020
  • Creators invited to join new comicbookschool.com for education, support, and community
  • The forums will allow creators to network and interact at a time when many conventions are being postponed or cancelled due to social-distancing mandates.
  • Register on the forums to get started – When you register, you will receive an invite to participate in the challenge.
  • Everything is free.
  • FAQ in progress


MARCH 29—Buddy Scalera, Editor in Chief and Dean of Students at Comic Book School, has challenged members of the comics community to create 8-page comics for a new anthology to be released at New York Comic Con.

Creators who accept the challenge will be guided through the process of creating a comic—from start to finish—by following a professional project plan and schedule co-created by Comic Book School and After Shock Comics Editor in Chief, Mike Marts.

In addition, they will find support, additional educational resources, and a like-minded community on the forums. The resources are free to anyone who joins the creator community by signing up for the forums at create.comicbookschool.com.

“Every year, aspiring creators leave our educational panels with so much enthusiasm,” Scalera said. “We wanted to create something that not only allows them to sustain that enthusiasm, but also to build on it and sustain their momentum throughout the year. The 8-Page Challenge helps our community members do this and to achieve their goals to create and publish comics.”

“Meeting Buddy and the rest of this budding community of comics creators at New York Comic Con really motivated me to start new projects,” said Erin Donnalley, a comics creator and professional motion graphics animator. “This challenge gives me clearly defined guidelines I can use to channel my ideas into an end product, something I can produce with confidence. It was just what I needed to kickstart this new creative endeavor.”

Donnalley, Scalera, and Marts collaborated on an editorial schedule to which users can subscribe, so they keep pace with the rest of the community. When they participate, they can follow along with a plan that will get them from concept to creation in time for New York Comic Con.

Comic Book School is planning a panel for this year’s New York Comic Con where it will announce its plans for crowdfunding, publishing, and distributing the anthology, both online and in print. Creators who successfully complete the challenge will also have the opportunity to present their work. The panel will be part of Comic Book School’s annual slate, which includes Creator Connection, Comics Script To Page, and Social Media for Comics Creators.

The 8 Page Challenge is the first initiative for the new create.comicbookschool.com forums. The forums, which are housed on the Comic Book School website will be the new home for the Comic Book School creator community throughout the year. They are designed to foster community and collaboration, allowing members to build connections, interact with and support one another, access educational resources, and share news and accomplishments.

“I’ve been participating in Comic Book School panels for many years and I am proud to be the first professional advisor for this innovative educational program for the next wave of creators,” says Marts. “At AfterShock, we’re always looking for new talent, and this gives me the opportunity to see how these creators work together.”

The challenge will be open to writers, editors, pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers, and cover artists. There is no cost to participate, nor is there any payment for publication. Creators retain the rights to their characters and creations.

Forum members will have direct access to Comic Book School resources, and will receive support, not only from Comic Book School forum members, but also from professional creators within of the Comic Book School network. As with his panels, Buddy will bring in pros with whom he has become friends through his work at Comic Book School, Marvel, and Wizard Magazine.

The forums “maintain Comic Book School’s commitment to quality education and community knowledge exchange,” Scalera said.

Like all of Comic Book School’s resources, including the list of comics publishers’ submission guidelines, newsletter, and blog, the forums will be free of charge.

“We are not trying to sell anything,” Scalera added. “We are just trying to connect and creators and help them keep their momentum going.”

The forums also provide a critical resource for creators during these uncertain times of mandated social isolation. With many conventions being cancelled or postponed, there are fewer opportunities for creators to meet and network, which is essential in a field that depends on collaboration and relationships. The create.comicbookschool.com forums help bridge that gap by providing a safe, open, online platform in which these interactions can take place.

“All the people in this new making comics community are supportive and insightful,” Donnalley said. “I enjoy talking to each and every one, and we all help each other stay motivated to make comics and advance our different aspirations.”

Comics creators are encouraged to join the 8-Page Challenge and the forums by signing up for a profile at create.comicbookschool.com.

For more information, contact Buddy Scalera at buddy@comicbookschool.com.



Step 1 How to Create a Story Idea for an 8-Page Comic 

Step 2 How to Plot Your 8-Page Comic Story Idea

Step 3 How to Revise the Plot of Your 8-Page Comic Story 

Step 4 How to Create Character Sheets for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 5 How to Write the Script for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 6 How to Create Thumbnails for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 7 How to Create Page Roughs for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 8 How to Create Pencil Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 9 How to Ink Comic Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 10 How to Color Comic Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story

Step 11 How to Letter Comic Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story 

Step 12 How to Submit Production Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story 

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