Step #8: Pencil Pages for Your Comic Book – 8-Page Challenge #2

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Creators, things are looking good and you can probably start to see the potential in your story. It probably feels good to be you.

In Step 1, you planned your story concept for an 8-Page Story. In Step 2, you broke down your story into a plot. In Step 3, you revised the plot. In Step 4, our artists started creating character sheets. In Step #5, you wrote your script in “full script” format. In Step 7, you roughted out your comic book pages.

In Step 8, you will go into full pencils. If this is your first time penciling comics, check out the sample art below. It will help you to strike a comfortable balance between detail and too much detail.

To participate in the 8-Page Challenge #2 and be published in our upcoming anthology, you must register for the message boards and place your page roughs in the Step 8: Pencils message board.

You need to include enough detail to ensure that the pages are clear for your inker. You do not want to be so tight, however, that you cannot complete you pages on time. Working comic professional usually generate approximately one page of pencils per day. For this challenge, you probably cannot work at a page-a-day pace. But… You. Must. Complete.

Post your page roughs in the Step 8 folder in the Forums.


Ron Lim’s Pencils for Avengers Assemble

In out challenge, you have been looking at a script that I wrote for Avengers Assemble. The art is by Ron Lim, who has generously provided us with a copy of his penciled art from our story.

Take a look at what Ron did here. There’s enough information for you to know exactly what he is drawing. He leaves room for the inker to add some depth to the pages, but not so much room that the inker doesn’t know what to ink.


Your Turn

Okay, so now it’s your turn. If you are participating in the 8 Page Challenge, you should post your rough comic book pages in the Step #8 forum in the Create@ComicBookSchool forums. Also, you should feel free to leave comments for the participants to help them improve their work.


Educational Videos

We’ve added videos to the Comic Book School YouTube channel. Check out this recent video with Jamal Igle, as he reviews an 8-page story from a writer participating in our challenge.


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